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HDAK year one at byimana sector , received startup kits

HDAK youth from Nyanza District during agriculture technical training

Youth engaged in agribusiness

Youth in agricultural activities

HDAK youth group trained by RODI received award from EDC in legacy event


 Rwanda organization for Development Initiatives (RODI) is non profit-making organization created in 2012 and registered  by  Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) in 2014 with  registration  No.0044/2014, during of its creation RODI has a vision   "To be a leading Organization in Agribusiness and Business Development Services provision for empowered communities in Rwanda and in the RegionĒ and  the mission of     " To contribute to the formation of new generation of development agents and competitive small farmers in RwandaĒ,   to implement  the Vision  and mission, we  stand on the following Strategic objectives : -      Strengthen and support the institutional capacity of farmers and business communities,  Educate, train men and women with business skills through capacity building and facilitating their market linkages,  Promote and introduce viable agricultural commercialization and value chains development by developing and disseminating new methods and approaches, To promote modern agriculture among youth and women in rural areas as a way to promote self-employment, Environment protection and adoption of techniques for climate changes adaptation. Social protection,  Food security, and nutrition education with a focus on children and women.

 For extending its global perspective in  2020 RODI revised its vision and mission for sharing the longtime strategic plan. The  vision and mission have been  changed as follows :

Our Vision

We envision a thriving community where everyone has access to the knowledge and resources necessary for achieving a better quality of life.

Our Mission

 To strengthen the capacity of small-scale farmers, youth, and women to improve livelihoods, food security, and increase economic opportunities by providing technical assistance in the agricultural value chain, adaptation to climate change, and entrepreneurship development.
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